Born in Iowa in 1970 to a military family, my childhood was spent in such far-flug locations as upstate New York, Idaho, Arizona, Montana, and Nebraska.
My introduction to computers and programming was courtesy of the Commodore 64, on which I taught myself the variant of the Basic language particular to that platform. Unassisted, I developed a primitive single-objective database program for storing information about the musical cassette tapes in my collection. Sadly, the source code for this relic is presumed lost -- perhaps a recoverable 5.25" floppy disk still resides in a box in my parents garage some 35+ years later.
After graduating from high school in Omaha, I attended Kansas State University where I diverted from an engineering track and obtained undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Anthropology. During the dotcom boom of the late 90s, I demonstrated a knack for Microsoft Access while working a temporary assignment in San Francisco, and from there migrated into SQL Server, Classic ASP, and the .NET Framework. Besides Microsoft-platform software development, I have also had duties in the network and domain administration domain (small enterprise only) -- although I admit my skills in those areas are a tad rusty at this point.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, playing basketball, general exercise, reading, and watching way too many movies.

As of 12/1/2023 (or 2023-12-01 if, like me, you prefer a readily sortable date format) I have resided in San Diego for twenty years.