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AquaSpy, Inc San Diego, CA (10/12 – 12/22) Architect / Developer
[C#, Windows Services, WCF, MVC/ASP.NET, VS 2022, SQL Server 2019, Entity Framework, Xamarin Forms]
  • Served as architect/lead developer of a multi-tier software system in support of the primary company product, AgSpy, a subscription-based SAAS solution for agricultural growers to monitor soil and crop conditions (moisture, electroconductivity, root penetration)
  • Led a comprehensive redesign effort of the original AgSpy system across all tiers (database, services, web applications), devising the conversion plan, programming a utility application for data migration to the revised database, and performing the conversion
  • Designed and programmed multiple Windows services (soil probe data receipt and processing, scheduled data analysis, scheduled email notifications), the customer-facing web application (AgSpy), an internal administrative web application (sales, finance, shipping, subscription management, technical support), and various internal utility applications
  • Implemented algorithms based on mathematical models pertaining to the detection of irrigation events, “full point” (soil moisture capacity) estimation, root depth detection, and other analytics
  • Incorporated several 3rd-party APIs in support of company operations including shipping (UPS), payment processing (PayPal, Stripe), mapping (Google), and various ag-related services (John Deere,, Bureau of Land Management)
  • Developed a basic ecommerce website for direct-to-consumer sales of Crophesy, an exception-oriented soil monitoring service based on the AgSpy system
  • Maintained a mobile app (Android, iOS) developed using Xamarin Forms
  • Performed basic server, database, and internal network administration tasks, including disaster recovery planning and server migrations
  • Provided routine technical support to internal personnel, company partners, and customers
Tax Compliance, Inc San Diego, CA (10/10 – 03/12) Senior Developer
[Windows Forms (.NET 3.5/4.0), WPF, WCF, C#, CSLA, VS 2010, SQL Server 2008]
  • Assisted in the continued development of a feature-rich commercial property tax management application (PTMS), performing programming tasks within each of the major functional layers of the system (user-interface, entity implementation, client-side logic, transport, service logic, data access, database procedures)
  • Programmed customer-specific plug-ins for the main application
PhotoLynx, Inc Julian, CA (01/09 – 12/09) Architect / Developer
[WPF (.NET 3.5), C#, VS 2008, SQL Server CE 3.5, LINQ-to-SQL]
  • Served as architect and lead developer for a WPF-platform photography management application utilizing SQL Server 3.5 CE databases for application/project data storage and LINQ-to-SQL for data representation and access
  • Developed a hybrid system (LINQ-to-SQL and ADO.NET) for the representation and UI display of data pertaining to custom (user-defined) fields
  • Developed processes for archiving and transferring application data between application installations
  • Developed process for seamless execution of database schema updates to existing application installations
Rose Line Solutions Oceanside, CA (10/07 – 12/08) Senior Developer
[Windows Forms (.NET 2.0), C#, VS 2008, SQL Server 2005] Part-time contract; overlapped with LPL
  • Developed Windows Forms (.NET 2.0) application for testing embedded code on various electronic hardware devices, including a series of custom controls for accessing hardware registers and forms for managing user-defined register arrangements
  • Designed the database schema and developed the database (SQL Server 2005) serving as the repository for application data
  • Developed a process (originally Access 2003, later ported to .NET) for importation of legacy hardware data (Excel)
LPL San Diego, CA (09/06 – 01/08) Senior Developer
[ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0), C#, VS (2003, 2005), SQL Server (2003,2005), SSRS & SSIS 2005]
  • Developed numerous ASP.NET intranet applications within an internally developed framework, including apps for address change management, mutual fund processing preparation, and personal information release authorization management
  • Developed enhancements to a remoting-based mutual fund networking Windows service
  • Developed SQL Server Reporting Services (2003, 2005) reports
  • Developed a SSRS 2005 delivery extension providing report delivery capability via FTP
  • Performed various database-related programming tasks (DTS package development, job configuration, relational design, and ad hoc DML query execution) against SQL Server and Oracle databases
City of Oceanside Oceanside, CA (07/05 – 04/06) Senior Developer
[ASP.NET (1.1, 2.0), C#, VS (2003, 2005), ASP, SQL Server 2000]
  • Ported the municipal Web Application Unit’s existing ASP intranet application framework (authentication/authorization, navigation control generation, UI layout) to ASP.NET, focusing on reusable UI components (custom page class, tabstrip control, paging control, etc.) and functional components (data access, security, centralized error handling)
  • Developed an ASP.NET intranet application for centrally tracking and reporting application errors generated by applications developed within the revised framework
  • Adapted the open-source NetSpell (.NET 2.0) spellchecking application for use with existing and future intranet applications
  • Initiated migration of an existing ASP application (used by the Police Dept. for managing citations pertaining to false security alarm violations) to the revised framework
  • Performed troubleshooting and implemented corrections to an existing ASP application used by the Fire Dept. for managing citations pertaining to false security alarm violations
LPL San Diego, CA (07/04 – 01/05) Senior Developer
[SQL Server 2000, VBA (Excel), ASP.NET (1.1), C#, VS 2003]
  • Performed data analysis and developed stored procedures and DTS packages for the purpose of transforming and importing financial account cost-basis data from an assimilated firm into the company’s legacy BETA financial transaction system
  • Developed a series of automatically-generated periodic reports in Excel format utilizing DTS packages, stored procedures, and VBA for Excel
  • Performed research and initial development of an ASP.NET (C#) platform reporting engine for delivering custom on-the-fly XML reports for Excel consumption
  • Provided ad-hoc reports at the request of members of business units
MCA Charlotte, NC (08/01 - 10/03) Senior Developer / DBA
[ASP, ADO, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP.NET (1.1), C#, IIS 5.0, COM+, SQL Server 2000]
    KOSA Charlotte, NC (03/00 – 04/01) Developer
    [ASP, ADO, VBScript, JavaScript, DHTML, IIS 4.0, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0]
      Bank of America Charlotte, NC (12/98 – 09/99) Developer
      [ASP, ADO, Access 97, SQL Server 7]
        Lillick and Charles San Francisco, CA (01/98 – 09/98) Developer
        [Access 97, VBA, SQL Server 6.5, VB6]